Conditions of Entry: 

All eligible visitors will need to have received both COVID-19 vaccinations and provide verification of their vaccination status. 

Children under 16+  do not need to show proof of vaccination status but must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

The preferred method for us will be checking into Jump&Climb via the QR Code and showing your vaccination certificate at the time. If your covid19 vaccination certificate is a printed copy or you have a medical exemption we will require photo ID. 

Acceptable Proof of Vaccination Status:

COVID-19 Digital Certificate uploaded to the Services Victoria app.

COVID-19 Digital Certificate uploaded to phone wallet

Official Australian Immunisation Register certificate together with Photo ID

Printed COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate together with Photo ID

Medical exemption together with Photo ID


Please note the following will not be accepted as proof of vaccination status:

Vaccine appointment card

Valid vaccination documentation without proof of ID

Negative COVID-19 test result.


Do I need to show my vaccination certificate every time I visit?
 Yes, you will be required to show staff your vaccination certificate at every visit.  Please be prepared to be asked by staff who may have already seen your vaccination status, however understand that we see many people per day and having various staff working so showing your certificate every time is required.

I have had my first dose of the vaccine but will not have my second until after the indicative 80% vaccinate rate date, can I still attend?
 No, you will not be able to attend once we open up further under the 80% vaccination rules, until you are fully vaccinated.

If you make an online booking and cannot show proof of vaccination when you arrive for you session, you will be refused entry and there will be NO Refunds.

Please remember that these are not our rules, why we may not agree with them or like to discriminate, unfortunately we are directed by the VIC GOV to abide by them and we will receive a large fine if in breach of those rules.

Please be patient and respect our staff, we appreciate your support